Millionaire's Shortbread Chocolate Bar

  • Millionaire's Shortbread Chocolate Bar
  • Millionaire's Shortbread Chocolate Bar

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Celebrating Scotland's most luxurious shortbread treat - Millionaire's Shortbread - we have attempted to capture this delicious Scottish delicacy in chocolate form. Thought to originate in Scotland as the more decadent version of shortbread, almost every tearoom in Scotland will have this delicious treat amongst it's offerings. 

Three layers of deliciousness...

For the base we've sprinkled shortbread biscuit pieces into white chocolate. This is followed by a gooey caramel layer (piped in by the steady hands of the Quirky chocolatiers). Then we've topped the bar with smooth milk chocolate to give you a three layered totally delightful looking - and tasting - Millionaire's Shortbread Chocolate bar. 


Best Before Date: 8-10 Months from delivery.  Chocolate weight: 100g 

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